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Šakų kapoklė Šakų kapoklė

Šakų kapoklė
Rekomenduojama galia: 20-30AG
Kaina: 1400Eur

Broom PG-15 Broom PG-15

Type - PG-15
Recommended power 18-35 HP.
Working width - 1,5 m.
Turn degree - 30 degrees.
Weight - 270 kg.

Rotary tiller 110cm Rotary tiller 110cm

Purpose: Soil tillage
Width: 110cm
Price: 600Eur

Rotary tiller 120cm Rotary tiller 120cm

Purpose: Soil tillage
Width: 120cm
Price: 750Eur

Front loaders Front loaders

Lift weight: 350Kg
Bucket width: 125cm
Price: - 2050Eur

Transport box 1200 Transport box 1200

Type: Hang up
Price: 425Eur

Sprayer 200 Sprayer 200

Capacity: 200l.
Type: Hang up
Working width: 8m.

Wood chipper Wood chipper

Type: PTO
Price: 1500Eur

Potato digger Potato digger

Type: Hang up
Weight: 150Kg
Productivity: 0,3ha/h
Price: 750Eur

Snow blower1800 Snow blower1800

Width: 1800mm.
Type: PTO
Price: 1300Eur

Snow blade 1200 Snow blade 1200

Width: 1200mm
Price: 320Eur

Snow blade1500 Snow blade1500

Width: 1500mm
Price: 350Eur

Three blades furrower Three blades furrower

No of blades: 3
Recomended power: 18-30HP
Price: 500Eur

Plough Plough

Working width: 250mm.
Recommended power: 12-20HP
Price: 300Eur

Plough Plough

Working width: 500mm.
Recommended power: 18-30HP
Price: 400Eur

Drum mower Z100 Drum mower Z100

Working width - 1000mm.
Weight - 100Kg.
Price - 750Eur

Drum mover Z-178 Drum mover Z-178

Working width - 1350mm.
Weight - 300Kg.
Price - 750Eur

Lawn mower TITAN FM120 Lawn mower TITAN FM120

Working width - 1190mm.
Weight - 195Kg.
Price - 880Eur

Lawn mower TITAN FM150 Lawn mower TITAN FM150

Working width - 1490mm.
Weight - 210Kg.
Price - 980Eur

Lawn mower TITAN FM180 Lawn mower TITAN FM180

Working width - 1790mm.
Weight - 235Kg.
Price - 1080Eur