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Pristatymas visoje Lietuvoje

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                          +370 636 75555           




          The largest choice of Japanese mini tractors and their implements in Lithuania. There are over 100 tractors, famous in the world, high-quality Japanese models in the warehouse: mini tractors Kubota, mini tractors Yanmar, mini tractors Iseki, mini tractors Mitsubishi, mini tractors Hinomoto and mini tractors Shibaura from 11 to 40 HP.

Not only used, but also renovated Japanese mini tractors are available in stock: Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki, Mitsubishi, Hinomoto, Shibaura. Repainted, mounted new tires, changed oil-seals, as well as many other details – the tractors certainly worthy of attention.

Our tractors are provided with the following warrantee: free troubleshooting, which is carried out by only experienced professionals; we will also provide you with quality technical service after the expiration of the warranty period. All tractors are ready for work: oil, filters are changed; complete technical inspection is performed.

Upon arrival, you will be met by a pleasant and high-quality service, possibility to have a visual view and to try the tractors in stock yourself. We will surely find the tractor at a reasonable price that will satisfy your needs.

Why is it worth visiting us:

  •  The largest choice of Japanese mini tractors and their implements in western Lithuania,
  •  Over 100 world-famous, high-quality Japanese models available in the stock,
  • Not only used, but also renovated Japanese mini-tractors in stock,
  •  Large choice of implements for tractors,
  •  Our tractors are provided with warranty,
  • High-quality technical service after the expiration of the warranty period,
  •  A pleasant and high-quality service,
  •  Possibility to inspect visually and try the tractors in stock yourself,
  •  The tractors are registered and with numbers,
  • The tractors are fully prepared for operation,
  •  Discounts,
  •  Delivery across Lithuania,
  • Mini tractors can be purchased by leasing.     



  Mini tractors can be supplied with the following accessories: Lawn mowers, mulchers, drum mowers, scythe-type mowers, ploughs, snow cleaners, snow blowers, transport boxes, potato-diggers, potato-planters, furrow ploughs, cultivators, trailers, frontal loader, excavators, sowers, fertilizer spreaders, wood chippers, chemical sprayers, rake-tumblers, land drills, concrete mixers, wood splitters and many other items.


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